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Signs You Are A Compulsive Shopper

Compulsive shopping is as destructive as a drug habit or compulsive gambling. As with either of those habits, denial is a key component in the perpetuation of the habit. Here are a few signs that you may be a compulsive shopper.

  • Shopping feels like a sport or competition and you get a thrill out of the chase.
  • Trolling the online shops on a regular basis, just to see what kind of good deals are available.
  • Feeling as if you are missing out because you do not have the latest version of everything.

Any one of these habits can ruin a budget, destroy your savings, and leave you needing to enroll in a Georgia debt consolidation program. No matter what, there is going to always be a new version of something or the next sale, so where does it all end? Usually with you broke and in hopeless debt.